"Your Wish Is My Command"

I am a money magnet
Everything I touch turns to gold
I have more riches than King Solomon's Mines
Money falls like an avalanche over me
There is more money being printed for me right now
I am receiving money making ideas everyday
I am receiving unexpected checks in the mail
I have more than enough money for everything I want
I have my dream cars & home
I have the best of everything
I am grateful & celebrate everyday
I know when I ask for what I want.......
No matter what it is that I want.......
No matter how impossible it may seem.......
If I believe & know it is mine.......
The answer must be....... "Your Wish Is My Command"

Chew away...

Here's the first secret I want to share with you ...

It's so ridiculously simple that I've actually considered NOT sharing it with you.

You might be tempted to dismiss it, but that would be a big mistake.  You'll understand why in a moment.

So, go ahead and make this promise aloud to yourself now: "if someone taught me how to flip a switch I wouldn't dismiss it as simple - I'd just enjoy this light."

With your permission, here are a few of these switches...

Ridiculously simple as they might seem, they're all scientifically verifiable and also plainly observable for yourself.

In fact, you might start to notice a big difference fast.

First, some vital background ...

Why People Feel 'Zapped'...

Did you know that most people aren't aware of the fact that the whole act of 'digestion' actually takes a whole lot of energy?

FACT: We burn over 10% of our available "fuel" every day just digesting our food!

We certainly can't turn off digestion, but we sure can make it easier - freeing up mountains of energy  - with this neat little trick.

Brace yourself ... (Remember your promise?)

Chew every bite of food 30 times before swallowing.

Silly, right?


Actually more profoundly life-changing than you can possibly imagine.

On this surface, this may sound like it wouldn't do much, but we're now discovering how many ways this practice unleashes our hidden energy.

For example ...

  • Digestion starts in the mouth.  If we skip that process, we only get a fraction of the nutritional value of our food.

Next ...

  • Gulping down partially chewed food puts tremendous stress on our digestion and saps us of our vital energy via several pathways.

And it gets worse, but hold up for a second.

Tune in to your stomach right now ...

I mean it.  Turn your attention to how your stomach feels for a quick moment.

You may be aware that it doesn't feel so "right".

Before you jump to wild conclusions, I'm no Kreskin.

I make my 'safe bet' through statistics like these...

No guesswork, no voodoo.

from the National Institutes of Health
(U.S. NIH)

  • Over 70 million Americans are affected by various digestive diseases at any given time
  • Most disease goes untreated and unreported

You may even recall a case of this from earlier in the day or yesterday.

What's worse is that these digestive problems don't even manifest in a sore stomach - only in fatigue.

This is one of many the easily-avoidable ways we chronically prevent our bodies from unleashing our available vitality.

Ready for a kicker? - Well, not only does it sap our energy, but it weighs on our minds preventing clarity of thought.

Anyone in chronic pain knows this quite well.

You simply don't function as well mentally when your body is in pain.

But ...

Many times, simply correcting our chewing habits can open the energy floodgates by freeing up energy that was already there!

And get this:

This is only one of dozens of little "body hacks" like this that cumulatively can turn you into a "demon" in the board room, on "the courts," and even in the ... (I'll let you finish that sentence so I don't have to say something inappropriate)

As you discover how simple and easy this is, you'll only look back and laugh at how much money we've all wasted on bogus supplements and kooky magic tricks to put sloppy fix-it patches on our health.

Here's one more 0f many more ...

The Damaging Impact Water Has On Your Energy...

There are some things I'm about to tell you about water that will not only blow your mind, but will also have an almost immediate impact on your energy.

First - most of the advice you get about drinking water is dangerously wrong.

No one really knows for sure exactly how much water you should drink, and the blanket advice we get is pure unadulterated garbage.

Take this example ...

"Drink 8 glasses a day."

Now, that may look like sound advice, but further analysis shows it's an overly simplified "wives tail."

To be more blunt: "8 glasses a day" is actually a well established urban myth.

As recently revealed by the American Journal of Physiology, there is absolutely NO scientific evidence to support the popular 8-glasses-a-day theory.

Now, none of these scientists at AJP are saying we don't need water (that would be silly).  It's just that these overly simplified platitudes are not helping anyone's health.

What's needed is real scientific information and not half-truths.

What we do know is that "8 glasses a day" by itself isn't sound advice.

First, you need to drink water regularly throughout the day.  Drinking 8 glasses in the morning and assuming you're "golden" for the day is more dangerous than you think..

You should, in fact, hydrate every single hour.  (On the next page we'll give you a free tool to help you remember to do just that - and a lot more.)

Many people who simply take up the habit of drinking a glass (or even half a glass - more about that in a minute) every hour notice their energy levels skyrocket.


Because most of us are chronically dehydrated.

If you don't think you are, try what I'm advising here for 48 hours and see what happens.

Again, this is a statistically valid "safe bet."

Still Feel Drained?

Another safe bet: you're tired all the time and you simply can't figure out why.

Dehydration making you tired?

You bet.

  • Dizziness

  • Chronic fatigue

  • Impotence

  • Hair loss

  • Headaches

  • Low back pain

  • Constipation

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